Nanotechnology has been in use in a wide variety of scientific fields for about ten years. The term refers to the systematic analysis and manipulation of materials in a dimension that was once invisible even to microscopes: the nanometre range. There are one million nanometres in a millimetre, an order of magnitude that is difficult to imagine, let alone explain. Nevertheless, nanotechnology has incredible potential for modern science and technology.


13 years of market experience

CeNano GmbH & Co KG has successfully produced and sold Nanotol, the first universally applicable nano sealant, since 2005. Nanotol seals surfaces in such a way that they can be cleaned in an environmentally friendly and simple way. With the first online shop for nanotechnological sealants, we are now the world leaders in a growing market segment.

Franchise Partner

Nanotol is a unique product which offers unique benefits. As a franchisee you can benefit from many advantages:



Exclusive market rights and territorial protection for one country.


Key technology

Access to a key technology of the future with 13 years of national and international experience in the market.


Made in Germany

For us that means environmentally friendly and dependable engineering. Precision implementation. Technology driven development.


Family business

Independent, uncomplicated and to the point.

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